Company Background

Nicholas Riddle P.E. has over 13 years of professional experience and more than 6 years as the president of Mt Shasta Engineering. He has worked with many local contractors, consultants and professionals on a wide variety of projects. Mr. Riddle has extensive underground construction and telecommunications engineering experience having served as the engineering consultant for AT&T long haul managing many fiber optic cable systems and capital improvement projects. Leveraging this experience and understanding, Mr. Riddle is now building a strong and diverse local business with the close help of team members and the local community.

Established in 2016 by Nicholas Riddle P.E., Mt Shasta Engineering (MSE) is a team of dedicated professionals offering design and engineering services for many different types of building and development projects. Our expertise is broad ranging from residential, commercial and community development to civil design, construction management and special inspection services.  We strive to provide a full service in-house design and engineering package – complete with in house reprographic services – and we continue to develop the necessary resources and personnel to maintain this level of service for our clients.

We provide services on complex projects in a team environments and have experience working locally with other specialists and consultants. We can provide general planning services in house or can work with certified planning consultants based on project requirements. We can provide land surveying services on an as needed basis. Whether there is a specific need for a Landscape Architect or a commercial project requiring Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design, we can identify key project complexities early on and develop a team to cost effectively address the specific project requirements.

Although we are focused on and committed to local North State communities, we are also licensed in other States and have experience working effectively in many other California and out of state locations and jurisdictions.

Nicholas E. Riddle
Principal Engineer

Now in our seventh year of operation, we are thankful for all the opportunities we have realized working with our clients and neighbors, to see all of the problems solved and projects completed. Our experiences over these years have allowed us to build on our capabilities, finding more opportunities to serve and abilities to successfully deliver. As we look ahead, we will continue to maintain the level of service in the residential and commercial markets, while reaching out toward more complex project opportunities with a vision toward municipalities, community services districts, irrigation districts, resource conservation districts, as well as large scale private commercial and industrial developers. We want to wish everyone the best in your new ventures and sincerely thank you all for the opportunity and trust we have been given, allowing us to provide all of these services in this magnificent area.